For your convenience, direct links to some of the places I’ve been published elsewhere.  (Note:  Articles that originally appeared on Graham’s Crackers are not included.)

“Fear and Self-Loathing in Las Vegas.” – July 24, 2015.  Talking about fear and its impact on our personality as part of author Louise Gornall’s “TalkFear” series.

The Huffington Post

“Building Your Own Castle.” – April 14, 2015.  Second interview with Emmie Mears on the release of her book Storm in a Teacup.

“Stirred, Not Shaken:  A ‘Spectre’ of What’s to Come.” – December 4, 2014.  Parsing the teaser trailer for the 24th James Bond movie.

“Bono, Don’t Apologize.” – October 17, 2014.  A response to everyone who got upset at finding U2’s Songs of Innocence album on their iTunes account.

“Songbirds and Superwomen.” – July 1, 2014.  Interview with author Emmie Mears (Shrike: The Masked Songbird).

“Spelling Out a Message of Hope.” – February 13, 2014.  Third interview with Ashley Cooper of Peace Love & Photography.

“Peace Love & Photography Goes to Plan ‘C'” – June 4, 2013.  Second interview with activist Ashley Cooper of Peace Love & Photography.

“Breaking the Silence of Suicide with a Siren Song” – Interview with author Ksenia Anske (Siren Suicides, Rosehead, Irkadura).

“Being a Man on International Women’s Day” – March 8, 2013.  Op ed on being a male feminist.

“For Your Consideration:  Skyfall‘s Oscar Chances” – January 10, 2013.  Examining the possibility of the 23rd James Bond movie winning Academy Awards.

“To Paul on his 70th Birthday” – June 18, 2012.  A tribute to Paul McCartney.

“Changing the World, One Letter at a Time” – June 12, 2012.  Interview with activist Ashley Cooper of Peace Love & Photography.

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