A kind of hush all over the world

WordPress just added this incredible feature whereby you can track hits on your blog by country of origin.  Admittedly a lot if not the majority of these hits aren’t people looking specifically for my writings, they’re stumbling upon it because search engine tags of a post I’ve written happen to coincide with something they’re looking for.  But any writer would like to hope that a few are sticking around because they like what they’ve discovered.  One thing is for sure, it sort of puts to bed the idea that you need a massive marketing machine to find yourself a global audience – it also reinforces the theory that the Internet is one of the greatest tools of democracy ever invented, and why its freedom needs to be protected wherever the Ministry of Information dares to try to rein it in.  So without further ado, here is where you’ve all come from.  And as always, thanks for visiting.

I am humbled.  Truly.  Saudi Arabia even???  Yowza.  The only thing I have to add is, come on Japan and New Zealand, get with the program here.  And Greenland is not that big.

6 thoughts on “A kind of hush all over the world

  1. The internest is a pretty marvelous invention.. Who would have thought…..
    PS- i’m from Little Bombay (better known as Florida)

  2. Isn’t it a hoot? I’ve been getting hits from Nepal (!), Indonesia, India. I got four yesterday from Kenya and assume one of them is my friend Sam who’s visiting there for a month. It’s fairly astonishing to see this visual proof of our global reach.

    1. Just had my first hit from Iraq over the weekend. I agree – whether these people are here by accident or by choice, it’s still quite inspiring to know that our voices extend as far as they do. A writer can scarcely ask for anything more. Thanks for your comment!

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