Vintage, Part Seven


We humbly present our newest installment.  From the writer’s perspective, it’s fascinating to watch an idea that grew from a single image flesh itself out and bring in new characters and situations that were never part of the initial conception.  This part contains such a creation.  Enjoy…

Update:  Content removed… sorry… but not forever, hopefully.

Like the Energizer bunny, this just keeps going.  Unlike batteries, however – and hopefully – the energy won’t run out.  Part Eight is on its way.

5 thoughts on “Vintage, Part Seven

  1. Hooray! I haven’t read part 7 yet but will later on! I’m so glad it’s back as I was anxiously awaiting the next installment!

  2. I’m sitting in Starbucks, away from the cold of NYC and thoroughly enjoying Part Sept!!! I now know why it’s called Vintage!
    And I felt Etienne’s jealousy over Le Taureau being in love with Nightingale!!
    Fantastic!! Part 8 will be just as great!

  3. Enjoyed this very much! Awaiting the next instalment 🙂 Wish you and your loved ones a very Happy, healthy and joyous New Year!

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