Vintage, Part Six


Sorry for the delay on this one.  The balance of life is off-kilter lately and the real world must take precedence over the creation of the fantastical one.  Hope this was worth the wait.  It kinda wound up having some shades of Apocalypse Now

Update:  content go bye bye.

Part Seven available right here.

7 thoughts on “Vintage, Part Six

  1. Wow Graham! I am blown away! Have you considered turning this into a full-fledged novel and getting it published? There’s a great narrative here that pulls the reader in. Please do consider it, if you haven’t already thought about it. BTW I loved the sentence..”Of course, whether one was being condemned by a genius or an idiot, the outcome remained the same.” How true is that! 🙂

    1. Thanks very much Anjali! To be honest, no, I had not thought of trying to publish this anywhere but here. I wanted to write a story where I could just bang out the words and get it out there with minimal editing or time for second-guessing myself.

      Anything is possible, I suppose, and we’ll see how things play out…

  2. You’ve done it yet again! I am mesmerized! You leave off right at the perfect part of the story to make us eager for the next part! Bravo!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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