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Short post today, just more of a heads-up as to what’s in store as March winds its way towards the departure gate and April clears customs and ambles to the baggage carousel.  If you haven’t already checked out Rachael’s two beautiful entries about songs that have affected her profoundly, well, first of all, go do that now, and secondly, you’ll note that she issues a challenge to her fellow scribes to do the same.  This then is my formal announcement that most unlike William Tecumseh Sherman, if nominated I shall run, and if elected I shall serve.  I was debating about how exactly to structure it when I saw Gunmetal Geisha’s post about her blogging plans for April, and the rusty gears started to grind together.  Could I?  Would that work?  As I was compiling my list of songs I did notice that quite a few of them fell neatly into an approximation of alphabetical order.  And since music is such a visceral trigger for me and I’ve been shuffling along on this planet for a fair number of decades, there is no shortage of material to draw from to fit the list as well.

What does it all mean?  Well, starting April 1st you’ll see a new post here each day (barring Sundays) about a song that has a particular meaning for me.  Regular favorites, denizens of long lost playlists; some won’t even be songs that I necessarily happen to like.  What is important above all else is the piece of life that they symbolize and score.  The 1st will be an “A” song, the 2nd will be a “B” song, so on and so forth until we find ourselves at the end of the labyrinth on the 30th with the song starting with “Z.”  And maybe by the end of things some of the rest of what you see here might make a little more sense.  Or not; at the very least it should be a fun, musical ride.

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