Vintage, Part Twenty-One


Ramping up towards what is hoped to be an exciting conclusion.  Rated PG-13 for a wee little bad word that is situationally appropriate.

Update:  Content removed, along with the wee little bad word.

5 thoughts on “Vintage, Part Twenty-One

  1. Graham! I feel I’ve let you down. I’ve not kept up for a while on Vintage. After my phone broke, and my wattpad app went I got all lost and confused as to where I am up to. I can’t download wattpad on my phone now as I don’t have enough space on my device. I saw you talking with Nillu on Twitter the other day about maybe submitting for publication, but understand your misgivings/debates on whether to do it or not. Like Nillu I’d love to read this as a whole piece. I think it’d be great. I’m rubbish at reading on screens, I’ll be honest and time means I’m not always able to be at a computer. Anyway, for what it’s worth I think it’d make a great book (what I’ve read anyway!) I guess if you did publish you’d have to take it off your blog? But then you could submit it. It seems a shame to not put 85,000 words out there for publication in some form or another, rather than just for free on your blog. I understand you may have bigger projects you want to go with, I don’t know. Maybe you always intended for this just to be a taster of what you do. Still, there are my thoughts. One day soon, if you don’t try and publish this in the end, I’ll get a tablet and get wattpad back and settle down each night with a few chapters and catch up with Etienne et al again! With a few glasses of vino! 🙂

    1. Not to worry Joanne! It’s one of the consequences of this having evolved into a somewhat more ungainly beast than initially planned (i.e. four parts maximum, about 1500 words each). I recognize that it doesn’t always make for the smoothest reading experience.

      As I’ve been going along I’ve been compiling each chapter into a single word file, and it’s something I could certainly email to you if you’d like. As for trying to publish, I’m a bit more solidly on the fence about that since it evolved into a full novel. We’ll see how it looks when it’s done.

      Thanks as always!

      1. Ah, yes. It *has* really grown from what you first envisaged, but that can often be the way! I recall when you started it and expected it to be a short series, but if a story has a novel, then well it has a novel in it and you have to go with that. And you know me…short stories? pah! I’m far too verbose to be hemmed in to short form for very long. Anyway, yes, an email of the entire thing would be great! Once you’re done. I mean if you *don’t* go ahead with publishing that is obviously. That way I could print it off and read it! (I’m so old fashioned! 🙂

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