Vintage, Part Sixteen


It’s only going to be four parts, he said, rather short-sightedly last September…

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3 thoughts on “Vintage, Part Sixteen

  1. Another riveting chapter! My subway ride this morning was a breeze because I was mesmerized by your story!!! I’m curious to see what happens!

    1. So am I! I don’t have any kind of outline, just a vague notion of the ending, so I’m just writing and seeing where it goes.

      Thanks again Lia, it’s always a joy to see your comments!

      1. It’s amazing how the words are flowing from your mind to the “page” aka keyboard! That’s the sign of a great writer, I think!
        I look forward to the ending…and also the possibility of a sequel!
        Thanks for your kind comment…you’ve got a fan in me!

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