Vintage, Part Fifteen


Part of the fun of not outlining a story like this is seeing the unexpected places it leads you, or in the case of this installment, where it leads you back.

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5 thoughts on “Vintage, Part Fifteen

  1. Excited is an understatement:)!
    I’m literally glued to my computer screen until part 16 arrives!
    Amazing suspense!
    Ps: after you publish this as a book, it would make a delicious film! It’s fun to imagine the casting!

    1. Awesome, Lia, thanks! I’m glad! As for one day being a movie, wouldn’t that be something? I’d request a cameo as “panicky villager #3.”

      Just out of curiosity, who do you picture in the roles?

      1. Oh yes, you’d have to have a role in it, but something bigger than “Panicky Village #3” 🙂
        Hmm, my immediate thoughts for Nightingale fell upon Angelina Jolie but then I thought maybe Charlize Theron?
        For Etienne, maybe Ralph Fiennes?
        Maybe also Russell Crowe somewhere in the mix? Or perhaps Clive Owen somewhere too?

        1. Ooh, interesting choices! As a general rule, I don’t picture specific performers as I’m writing the main characters, though I might borrow personality traits from particular actors/actresses for some of the supporting parts just to make them stand out a bit. There is one character who was drawn rather blatantly from someone who happened to guest star on a TV show I was watching that week, though I won’t tell you who (best to let you imagine for yourself!) Anyway, on with Part 16!

          1. I can imagine it’s better to write without specific actors in mind… But reading part 15, a movie scene jumped into my head and I thought, hmmm I’d love to see this on the big screen (after of course reading the book)!
            The guest star you got inspiration from is intriguing! I’ll imagine it!
            Cheers to part 16!
            Happy almost weekend,

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