Vintage, Part Thirteen


I have nothing terribly interesting to say by way of introduction today, other than:  Here’s Part Thirteen.

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5 thoughts on “Vintage, Part Thirteen

  1. Amazing! You’ve really made it gripping Graham. But what I particularly liked about this part, is the language. You’ve used some beautiful similes and metaphors here- eg: ‘calm and indifferent like a morning lake’. Great details of ‘place’ make it very visual! Loved it! 🙂

    1. Thank you Anjali! I really appreciate it. I’m really trying to incorporate some more evocative imagery to round out the sense of place – it’s one area of writing where I struggle.

  2. As I read Part 13, several times I needed to remind myself to breathe as I was unconsciously holding my breath…Fabulous, just fabulous. I’m glad you’ve decided to make this a novel. I’ll be one of the first to buy a copy!
    Cheers! Can’t wait for Part 14!

      1. Great!! Look forward to it:) I swear your character descriptions have formed a mental image of what they look like… This should be turned into a movie (after the book of course)!!!!

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