Vintage, Part Five


Happy Halloween!  As you can gather I’ve had something of an explosion of productivity this past week.  Please enjoy part five, which takes its inspiration from one of my favorite stories.

Update:  Content removed.

Hope you are enjoying this tale!  It seems to be sprawling a bit beyond what I had originally thought, but hey, as long as one derives fulfillment from crafting it, there is surely no reason to stop.  Unless, you know, it becomes boring, but I’m sure you’ll advise me of that.  Roll on Part Six…

6 thoughts on “Vintage, Part Five

  1. I think this was lots of fun and I sense you had a lot of fun writing it too! All this French too! Ooh la la! 😀 haha! Definitely not boring me yet! 🙂

  2. I’m cooking dinner but dinner can wait since Part Five was more important!!!
    Great, fabulous, amazing…I seriously felt as if I were sitting next to Etienne at the casino table. Really descriptive as always…
    I look forward to Part Six! Can’t wait to see what’ll happen to our protagonist!
    Have a great rest of the weekend!

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