Vintage, Part One


This will be unlike any post you’ve read here before.  A brief digression by way of preamble – this is a concept that has been kicking around my brain for a while.  My fiction muscles are a bit rusty and they need flexing, so I thought it might be worthwhile to try them out on you, my cherished and loyal readers.  Mostly, I need to prove to myself I’ve still got the chops.  This piece is tangentially related to my novel in that it is a side story, set in the same world (i.e. same rules), though a thousand miles removed, in a different country, maybe not even at the same time.  And the tone is significantly different, as is the protagonist, the style and so on.  My thought is posting this as an ongoing saga, with new chapters released periodically (shamelessly cribbing the strategy from Amira Makansi with her wonderful “Porous” tale); a story unfolding in real time, witnessed by you, evolving as it goes.  I’m eager to hear what you think.  So, without further ado, here is VINTAGE.

Update (8/24/2021):  Well, after mulling it over for a long time, I have decided to try to pursue having this professionally published, so I will be removing the copy from my site.  I will leave the comments up however, because I really did appreciate the feedback way back when.

*  *  *

Part Two can be found by poising your cursor ever so delicately upon the following words and applying the gentlest pressure of a click.

7 thoughts on “Vintage, Part One

  1. Your story kept me riveted! It was so vividly written — I could imagine in my mind the smells, the sweat, the horses, the villagers, etc. that were described…really interesting… and made me wonder which country it was set in? and in which era?
    Thanks again for a great read and look forward to Part Deux!

  2. Finally I have got back to this and in a moment will be reading part two. Your writing is a joy to behold and to have the privilege to read. Perhaps the historical setting helps me (as I love history) and it all sounds very Robin Hood esq which is also my favourite all time legend. But even without those factors, your writing is so vivid and each detail serves a purpose. There is nothing superfluous and every word flows seamlessly. And no publisher has picked you up yet? This is a travesty! I am off over to read the next installment now…Great cliffhanger at the end of this part too! 🙂

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