Vintage: A Fantasy Serial

Hunting witches was his life… until he fell in love with one.

Wine, women and song: the life of a Commissionaire is an aesthete’s dream, if you don’t mind also having to condemn witches to death on a regular basis. Etienne de Navarre loves his life and his job, and has ambitions of moving up in the ranks of the feared Bureau Centrale… until he encounters the mysterious sorceress known as Nightingale. Powerful and enticing, she leads him to realize that he’s been fighting on the wrong side. And suddenly Etienne finds himself working with his former enemy to bring down the formidable institution in which he’s built his entire life – because doing what’s comfortable is rarely doing what’s right.

Yes, I write fiction too.  (If you don’t subscribe with my general worldview you might arguably suggest that most pieces on here fall into that category anyway.)  But this is the genuine article.  I wrote this as a serial over the last year and a half and thought – given that one always wants to try and make one’s work easy to read – it might be worthwhile to create a single repository for those who are new to the site and might have missed out on the first go-around (or just love it so darned much they want to read it again and again).  You can access the whole story by clicking on the links below.  If you are signed up with Wattpad, you can access the entirety of the enchilada – minus my occasionally cheeky chapter introductions – by clicking on the hard-to-miss big orange W icon in the right margin of the page.

Hope you enjoy it!  It’s free to read, but all rights reserved and all that – y’know, don’t go republishing and claiming it’s yours.  Instant karma’s gonna get you.  (Reviews, critiques and tasteful fan art are always welcome though!)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

Part Eleven

Part Twelve

Part Thirteen

Part Fourteen

Part Fifteen

Part Sixteen

Part Seventeen

Part Eighteen (Wattpad only)

Part Nineteen

Part Twenty

Part Twenty-One

Part Twenty-Two

Part Twenty-Three

Part Twenty-Four

Part Twenty-Five

Part Twenty-Six



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